Back to School 2012

Back to School 2012

Makeover after Summer Hair at our Salon

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Healthy Hair, Happy Heart, Healing & Hope ~ New Reasons to Love my Industry

Get Fit Hair Plan Series – Healthy Hair, the Total Package
By Sherry Miller – Ask a P.HD (Professional Hairdresser)

Copyright 2012 – Sherry Miller’s Golden Chair Salon. All rights reserved. Please Share Responsibly.

This month I would like to focus on how the Professional Hair Color Industry is changing the lives of people everywhere and striving to make a difference. Anyone who has ever gone to a Salon and had fantastic life altering hair color experience can tell you that, but since I am a color professional let’s look outside the “box” at an even bigger picture.  I’d like to share with you what two companies,  Paul Mitchell ® and Kenra ™ are specifically doing to assist Stylists everywhere in meeting that ultimate goal.

Chrysalis is a Non-for profit organization supported by the Paul Mitchell Company that is trying to help homeless or low income women get jobs and restore their confidence. (see video link)

On that note Kenra has partnered with the Repunzel Project ® which is a NPO to help support cancer patients and prevent them from loosing their hair through Cold Cap Technology. Cold Cap Technology involves the use of special caps that are frozen to a very cold temperature and worn before, during, and after each chemotherapy treatment. The cooling of the hair follicles prevents chemotherapy toxins from reaching them, preserving the follicles and therefore preserving the patients hair. Frank Fronda, the scientist who invented the Penguin Cold Caps, indicates that Cold Cap Technology has a proven 90% effective rate for hair retention. It has been widely used in Europe the past 15 years with great success.

“When you look better, you feel better. And when you feel better, you heal better, ” says Nancy Marshall, co-founder of the Repunzel Project. “Keeping your hair while undergoing chemotherapy is not about vanity – It’s about identity, ” indicates Nancy. “Knowing she can keep her hair can help liberate a patient emotionally and physically from the ‘cancer patient’ label and improve self-image, dignity and morale – vital, yet often overlooked, elements of overall wellness.”

Salons everywhere, like mine, have participated in on going Events to raise Breast Cancer awareness and money to support clients when medical bills are not covered or they have a loss of income which can be overwhelming for them. In a new effort to help, salons everywhere are now using Cold Cap Technology to actually make a difference during the treatment and cure for those who survive. The human spirit after such an attack can be made stronger with much love and support helping the body to heal if God wills it with this advance in science.

Another look at how Kenra is changing the landscape is with their new Color line set to arrive in Salons this spring. Kenra color promises natural true-to-tone, “simply stunning” results for every hair color client served by a professional stylist. A complete hair color system, the new brand incorporates Balancing Complex 5, designed to ensure vibrant, long lasting color with outstanding gray coverage, deep color saturation and intense shine while improving the hair’s condition.

For me, all this is just another reason to love color and professional hair services/treatments..What artist doesn’t like a fresh canvas and a set of new paints? In our hands we are able to create beauty in this world that brings joy, happiness, & lot’s of smiles to an otherwise dark and dreary place. If you haven’t tried it yet I suggest you do.

Cosmoprof : Professional edition February 2012

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February 2012 at Sherry Miller’s Golden Chair Salon

February 2012 at Sherry Miller's Golden Chair Salon

Encouraging Clients to Love themselves and be more confident with a New Hair Color to life their Spirits.

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Get Fit Hair Plan

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Beauty Tips/Healthy Hair – By Sherry Miller Ask a P.HD (Professional Hairdresser) Copyright 2012 Sherry Miller’s Golden Chair Salon. All rights reserved. SMGC grants permission to print for personal use only. Fitness Magazine Cover It’s the start of the … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season to be Stylish…

Lilith Moon wearing a Gibson Roll

Holiday/Winter Trends Report 2011

 Copyright Sherry Miller – Ask a PHD (Professional Hair Dresser)

 Pull out that little black dress, red lipstick, & scarf! The Holiday’s are here. Whether attending a Merry Christmas Party or getting ready to ring in the New Year, it’s time to look your picture ready best.


Embellishments attached in the hair are the rage if you would like to add some warmth. Up Styles are the perfect canvas for Artisan flair, so be sure and visit your favorite stylist for a one of a kind creation. Custom designed flowers, ribbons, or lace can be easily attached in or onto twists, rolls, or braids for the ultimate finishing touches.



Beyonce Knowles wearing Tinsel Extensions

Tinsel is not just for the tree but can be placed in the hair for some ring, ring a ding, Bling Bling (as seen on Beyonce above). Hair Gems also top the list for that glistening look around lights or the flash of a camera.

 If you’re bold enough you may decide to put some colored hair extensions in. Frosty white, Rudolph Red, or Evergreen are popular for some added cheer.

 Make-up is natural with a bright lipstick or for an evening look the smoky eye is back.

 For Men, a little hair Tattoo can add to a dressier style or celebrate with a color or two for added volume, shine, & pizzazz!

 As we wrap up the end of this year and start a new, may the gift of Peace & Happiness rule your heart and mind. Wear that and no matter where you go you will stylishly shine.


You Tube: Lilith Moon

Google: Beyonce Knowles – Hair Tinsel Extensions







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It’s Happy Hour at our Salon, Get the Keratin Shot!

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Fall/Holiday/Winter Trends Report 2011 Copyright By Sherry Miller – Ask a PHD (Professional Hair Dresser) I had to write about this new amazing service now being offered at my hair salon after having it performed on my own naturally curly … Continue reading

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Cut’s for Jenn

Trends & Events – Fall 2011

Copyright © 2011 By Sherry Miller – Ask a PHD (Professional Hair Dresser)


On December 8, 2011 from 5:30-8pm at One Restaurant in Rochester, NY there will be a Celebrate Life Fundraiser held for Jennifer Lombard. Gift Baskets & Gift Certificates from my Salon along with many other great prizes will be raffled. If you are interested in attending this event you can sign up from the group’s page on Facebook. (their logo is seen above)

In the meantime, my Salon is raising funds for Jennifer by donating all the proceeds from our Cut’s 4 Jenn Events. Every Wednesday we will hold these event’s until further notice. If you would like to participate call the salon at (585)659-9001 and mention Jenn’s name when booking your hair cut. Appointments with me, Sherry Miller, for this can be made from 10am-6pm.

This is my friend Jenn, who is absolutely beautiful! She is fighting like a girl right now and we would really like to help by giving her our support and love so she can find the strength to win this battle.


Sometimes it’s not just what you say but what you do (even when writing a blog) that really matters most. Jenn, this one is for you. I hope to see you all at the Salon!

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Pedipaws & Paris

Trend Styles – Summer 2011
Copyright © 2011 By Sherry Miller –
Ask a PHD (Professional Hair Dresser)

Thank you Paris Hilton! You have paved the way for lady entrepreneur’s everywhere. Paris has shown the world that blonde, beautiful, rich, smart, savvy, and successful can coexist. To her credit using iPhones as a must have fashionable business tool, wearing braids over the age of 21, walking in stores with a large hand bag/tote carrying a small dog in it while balancing coffee in the opposite hand, hair extensions, not settling for just a Dog grooming Salon but taking your two dogs (Marilyn Monroe or Tinker bell) with you to the Vegas Hair Salon/Spa, and being seen on a shopping trip, or hotel vacation resort with pets.

Once upon a time it was considered taboo due to health laws/allergies to bring pets to people salons and the same with department stores. It was also socially unacceptable to take the risk of staining garments not purchased yet with coffee spots. Hotels/resorts/spas with your pets was a no-no, but I digress.. Wouldn’t we all like to be able to change the world like Paris can? Let’s face it, it’s in her Heiress blood to know how to make money on investments. Some might say it’s in the breeding. I admire the beauty & power this woman has to make whatever she does no matter how against the grain it is, eventually what the masses do. Amazing!! A good heiress must know the mind of her future investors and the market and Paris does.

Even in this tough economy an article in Forbes states baby boomers spend on dogs over themselves. According to APPA, In 2011 over 50.84 Billion was spent on Pets in America. Locally in Rochester, NY, Pawdicures, Pet Salons, and Pet daycares are cropping up to cater to more pet parents. The Hilton Heiress is not alone. Rusk & Conair family heirs have recently invested in pro pet grooming tools. John Paul Dejoria (known as co-owner of the Paul Mitchell Brand) has a Pet care line called John Paul Pet.


It’s Big business – money spent on pets every year in America , on dog grooming alone and there is expanding markets in dog hair color and take your pet with you resorts all around the globe. So if you love your pet thank Paris for making traveling with it just a little more fashionable.


Credits:, APPA – American Pet Products Association, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle Newspaper, Stylist Magazine,,

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This Summer’s Hottest Trends..

Trend Styles – Summer 2011

Copyright © 2011 By Sherry Miller – Ask a PHD (Professional Hair Dresser)

This Summer’s Hottest Hair Trends..

I am bound to ruffle a few feathers with this months blog. Despite the recession clients are still flocking into the salons, changing the market, and yes, shopping. Money seems to be walking into the salons that offer these fly by night Bohemian trends & services.

Whether it’s Herring bone braids, feather hair extension pieces (rooster, peacock), coon tail, animal print hair extensions (giraffe leopard tiger), Hair Gems, tinsel, jewelry, colored mohawks, fauxhawks, hair tattoos, smash color, dip dye, ombré hair color, reverse ombré, chalking or a combination of any of the above, anything goes and only stops with the Stylist’s creativity.

Smash Ombre Dip Dye Hair Color Technique

Hair Designed By Sherry Miller February 2010

In many salons the forerunner trend was the Feather Extension’s. They were issued back in style (less the multi-purposing “roach clip”) recently by none other than classic rocker, Steven Tyler who first wore it during the 70-80’s at the height of drug culture. After Steven Tyler walked on American Idol with this trend dancers on Dancing with the Stars started to appear feathered. You would have thought he had recorded a new version of Yankee Doodle Dandy, as this act seemed to spark a wide spread feather marketing Revolution. This not so simpleton stuck it on his cap and called it the height of fashion. On NY runways, Brides with angelic white tail feathers could be seen next to their winged counterparts modeling honeymoon negligees at Victoria Secrets. The style became so popular by July that Bait & tackle shops everywhere ran in low supply when beauty suppliers simply ran out of rooster & peacock feathers to sell the Salons. This caused an increase in feather prices from $40 to nearly $60 for 2-5 feathers. Feather companies assured animal rights activists that no harm was done to collect the feathers as they fall off often and naturally.

I found my Salon clients heading in for a more upscale, conservative, and classic style approach. Smoothing Frizzy hair out with Brazilian Blowouts and opting for Multi-dimensional natural colors. Some preferred full fringe bangs like Nichole Kidman before her return to strawberry blonde spiraling curls. Other clients went without bangs just long layered designer cuts with warm natural browns like Kate (formerly Middleton) the Duchess of Cambridge, the Kardashians, or Angelina Jolie. Buttery blondes also topped the list as seen on Jennifer Aniston or Gwyneth Paltrow with sharp A line Bob style cuts and voluminous hair Extensions. Halle Berry type Pixie cuts was requested on shorter hair and Marisa Miller Beach Babe waves on mid-length or long. Permanent texture services remained preferred over the use of heat conicular or cone shaped ironing tools.

Some mix of the two could be seen with Marissa Tome’s Ombré color with a slightly disconnected wavy long layered bob (as seen in the Lincoln Lawyer) or on Stephanie Szostak (Dinner for Schmucks).

As we head towards fall more intense radiant reds and haloing gold rush blondes will return just to keep pace with the intensity level of this summers heat wave!

Source credit: ABC News articles reference’s 6/3/11 & 7/27/11

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Catch the Wave ~ Beachy Babe Hair!

Trend Styles – Beachy Wavy Hair

Copyright © 1996-2011 By Sherry Miller – Ask a PHD (Professional Hair Dresser)

Beachy & Brazilian or Body Wave
Blonde, red, brunette

Model Marisa Miller

Classic Beachy Babe Hair

August Blog 2011

It’s hard enough just working out to be beach worthy in your swimsuit so why not let your Stylist do the work on your hair? This months blog is for those that want to get that classic California “Beachy Babe Wave Look” Farrah Fawcett made extremely popular back in the 1970’s and has come back recently best fashioned by Marisa Miller. If you have not taken the time already to use Paul Mitchell’s Sea Spray in-between sun & surf than read on, oh, read on anyway..
FYI Non- professional over the counter Sea salt sprays can actually take color and texture treatments out of the hair so unless you have virgin hair color and have a natural wave of your own proceed with caution. If you are not sure how any product will effect your color or texture please talk to your stylist before you buy it. I usually recommend No Salt and No Parabens for my clients and I am currently using AG’s Liquid effects and Cocktailing it with either Crack Hair Fix Creme or Brazilian Blowout’s Serum to obtain a Frizz Free Beachy wavy look tailoring and adjusting the formula mix based on the amount of curl or texture each individual client has. On days my client is not shampooing I have them wet it down & restyle it with AG’s Curltrigger then “scrunch” it dry.

If you do not already have a natural wave your local salon should carry a peroxide free perm or body wave. This is an essential first step because the use of any styling product alone will not be able to give it to you. Your stylist should follow with styling tips, appropriate retail products compatible with your hair type, and show you how to recreate your look at home.

After you’ve got your wave on an equally important part of pulling this look off is ombré hair color or sun-kissed highlights. As a professional colorist, I do not use bleach but a mix of organic lightener made from Seaweed, minerals, and protein enzymes.
I use either an American or French Balayage technique to apply it. The difference between the two is to foil or not to foil both are free-hand one of a kind artistry.  I follow with an in-salon Biominal treatment meant to restore the pH balance of the hair and/or add DuraGloss to lock it in made by the John Amico Brand.  If your hair is already platinum blonde it may require some no-ammonia lowlights underneath to add depth and create a more natural sand cast look.

Most importantly always use a thermal protectant spray while in the sun or any heat. It controls frizz, flyaways, and adds UV/UVA protection for both scalp & hair.

If swimming saturate your hair with water first, apply a leave in conditioner or mask (like Brazilian Blowout) and then go in water. When hair is at saturation level it can not soak up as much chemical/salt water as if it’s sponge dry. Add a protective barrier and keep out
other environmental woes that extract hydration from both hair & scalp.

Ok, now that we know what to do it’s time to hit the beach or a local salon and enjoy!

For more tips & trends visit

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