Pam’s Miracle

A client hair story by Sherry Miller 

What a miracle! Back in January one of my clients brought me this young miss from Marion, NY. They traveled 1 hour west to get here. I am so thankful she chose my salon to begin a new hair journey and transform.

Pam had botched colors in her hair from going to other salons that were closer to her small town. She showed me her dream hair picture and asked if I could help her attain the look she wanted. I knew color correction of this proportion would take no less than 6 hours and it was already 7pm on a Friday evening. During the first 3 hours I was able to get rid of the ugly red & discolorations. Then I conditioned and prep for the next steps.

Fortunately, she was staying over night nearby with a friend. Since I already had a fully booked Saturday I decided to use my salon owner powers to open up early the next morning and finish the look for Pam before my first pre-scheduled appointment.

As you can see from the pictures I successfully nailed it! When Pam got home she proudly posted a picture of her miracle hair from her iPhone to show all her friends and family on Facebook…this time she was wearing it.

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