Hair Trends Now! 

Color&Style  by Sherry Miller

The Short Ombre

After, Leanna’s back view head shot made our front cover. To view her hair color transformation scroll to the end of this blog or visit our web site at Sherry Miller’s Salon to see her hair journey. 

It’s a new year. Do you find yourself combing through Pinterest looking for the latest hair color, cut, & styles? If so, welcome to humanity 2016. 

Why are we so driven to transform our looks, hair, & image? Well, one theory is first impressions are everything. We all like to put our best foot forward when it comes to meeting new people or climbing the social ladder of success. In the professional world your hairstyle can make you or break you.  

short hair ombre

A rising new Star!

 Though policies on what hairstyles are acceptable in the workplace have loosened, hair can still signify certain levels of professional. says Midge Wilson, PhD, Professor at DePaul University. 

Another motivation for a new look is for those who hope to forge a fresh start. So what better time than the beginning of a New Year, new job, or new relationship? It says your ready for a major life change or to transition. If you plan on going shorter or bolder with your color this exhibits confidence. All too often some stay safe by using their hair as a blanket to hide behind. A new cut or style breaks you free & pushes you front and center…It will get you noticed! 


Before color & cut

Before front view

side view

Before side view


back view

Before back view

The best part about a new look is it reveals more about who you are & the people around you. You can inspire others or help them by making a change. Not only do you feel better when you encourage others but the world is a little brighter when you encourage yourself. 

Here’s to a bright new you…trending now! Are you ready? Get inspired. Let us help you. 

hair by Sherry Miller

After a lovely headshot

Leanna is ready to graduate college and land an amazing career!

short ombre by Sherry Miller

After side view


hair color by Sherry Miller

After back view

And we end with a new beginning… 


Ready to go! #NewYear #NewLook #NewLife #2016 

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