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Photo Credit Sherry Miller, Sherry Miller’s Salon

In a recent article Jennifer Aniston, actress and now co-owner of a new salon professional hair line, talked about how she deep conditioned her hair when outside the salon at her home. She said that on the set her hair is often damaged from all the heat straightening. A fighter of frizz, Jenn combats it with a technique used I’d like to share with our readers today. Of course, I did modify it slightly for my own purposes.

Switching it up a bit as a professional hair stylist… I used our salons current favorite brand, AG Cosmetics. I put it to the test and it worked on my hair.

1. Shampoo and condition your hair.

I used a clarifying shampoo called Renew to get rid of product buildup and intensify my end results. However, if doing this treatment more than once a month I recommend using Sterling Silver. For conditioner use Recoil or Colour Savour.

2. Rinse well and towel dry.

3. Apply the hair primer to your hair from scalp to ends and work through.

BB Creme was used as a total benefit primer. A dime size is normally used but I saturated my hair with it. Then I let my hair just drink it right in. Having naturally curly hair the product disappeared into my locks pronto! According to AG;

“BB Cream is the go-to, multifunctional hair primer, filling, smoothing, moisturizing, and protecting hair against heat styling appliances and Colour fading with AG’s exclusive CARE Complex.”

This super-rich, silky priming Creme prepares and protects hair prior to styling, evening-out porosity and leaving hair feeling thicker and healthier.

4. Don’t rinse out the primer let it air-dry or leave in overnight with a plastic cap on.

5. In the morning, just rinse lightly.

6. Apply your favorite styling product.

7. Blow dry or blow out.

8. Finish with your favorite straightening iron, curling wand, or hot rollers for a good firm set.

That’s it! You will LOVE the way your hair feels and spring’s back. Healthier, shiner, and smoother than before.

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Sherry Miller

Sherry Miller is the owner of Sherry Miller’s Golden Chair Salon. She is an accomplished Colorist, Stylist, and Educator. Follow her blogs written here or log on to her web site and social media.

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