Why Clients Leave their “Hair Ties” behind at my Salon.

The Testimonial of Wendy Hein

I love my new style. I had a little bit of trouble styling it the first day but with a little bit of patience and practice I finally got it down. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get it colored. I can finally say with confidence that “I have my very own hair dresser”. I will never do “home” anything anymore to my hair.

As for my headband…honestly you can throw it out. I will never need that thing again!!!!

Thanks again.


When I first met Wendy her hair was breaking off. She had her hair permed by a family member who “used to be a hairdresser”..combined with over processed at home color she applied herself. She then went to a “professional” walk-in hair salon where they butchered her hair with a bad cut. In tears she called me at 5:15 pm, I normally close shop at 6pm and was with another client. That client having mercy said “go ahead, you can answer it if you have to.” So I did. She came in at 5:30 pm and I immediately used an in salon treatment to stop the breakage and begun to repair the damage. I corrected the botched hair cut, gave her a new style, and sent her home with product that would continue to help get her scalp and hair in condition so she can come back in later for corrective hair color. This was a big lesson in how to pick a hair stylist for her and she learned it the hard way. I have gotten my most loyal and best clients this way. I can’t wait to serve her and give her the look she deserves. Wendy is beautiful already and having healthy hair is important to her. She left with a huge smile on her face and told me she “loved it!” then later I contacted her because she left her hair accessory behind. Now I know why.

~Sherry Miller
Owner. Stylist. Hair Maven.
Golden Chair Salon


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