Out with the old Summer Hair, In with a New Brighter Style!


Sherry Miller

Master Hair Design Artist, Stylist, & Salon Owner


It’s the end of Summer and time to prepare for
“Back to School”!

In all our preparations the most important thing to
get ready for is that first day back, when pictures are taken and first impressions are made. So why not close the door on damaged dull, drab, or brassy
end of summer hair and open a new door to a fresh start? The time is now to get on board with a bright new exciting color, cut, and style after repairing the

Summer locks are often exposed to oxidation or over processed by pool chemicals, hard water, and sun.

According to Tom Porter, founder and President of  Malibu C’s, he states that depending on your location your water may have up to three times the added chlorine during the summer months to ward off extra bacteria. Copper is also added to control algae in reservoirs. This year the drought in the Midwest will cause a host of hair color problems that will send droves into the salons to be fixed and corrected.  When there’s little
rainfall passing through groundwater, the percentage of minerals in the water is
higher. So we are about to experience some of the biggest challenges to color,
to bleach, to straighteners and to perms in August, September and October
because those minerals are going to stay in the hair and continue to

In addition to a Malibu Clarifying Treatment (prior to cut or
color) which will rid your hair and scalp of build-up, film, or residue you may
want to amp things up and consider a Deep penetrating in-salon Keratin
Conditioning treatment. Choosing a KCT in leu of the regular conditioning post
treatment will add strength and fill in any potholes left in the hair. Currently
some of the best offered is the Keratin Shot by Healthy, Sexy, Hair which is
plant based and Paul Mitchell’ s Awapuhi White Ginger which uses animal. The PM
company recently purchased a sheep farm and shears them to provide the needed
keratin to be used. It makes for happy sheep in the heat without the extra heavy
coat and we get to benefit from it too, a win, win. Right now labs are
developing even more advanced ones with human keratin made from cut hair.

After you have repaired your summer hair and have a shiny new color be
sure and follow with a great Protein Hairspray like John Amico’s BioSilk. A
professional hair spray with low alcohol content will not to strip hair color or
smoothing treatment services off early.  Instead it will be gentle and add
strength to keep your style in place all day without being stiff or sticky.

Another great way to save your hair this season, time, and money is to
purchase liter’s on sale at your local salon this time of year. Stock up now on
the basics like shampoo and conditioner then you can have more money to purchase
new take home tools as the come out to recreate your style.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me directly or post them.
Until my next blog..I hope to see you at the Salon!

Master Hair Design Artist & Stylist,
Sherry Miller, MBA
Personal. Private. Professional.

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