Healthy Hair, Happy Heart, Healing & Hope ~ New Reasons to Love my Industry

Get Fit Hair Plan Series – Healthy Hair, the Total Package
By Sherry Miller – Ask a P.HD (Professional Hairdresser)

Copyright 2012 – Sherry Miller’s Golden Chair Salon. All rights reserved. Please Share Responsibly.

This month I would like to focus on how the Professional Hair Color Industry is changing the lives of people everywhere and striving to make a difference. Anyone who has ever gone to a Salon and had fantastic life altering hair color experience can tell you that, but since I am a color professional let’s look outside the “box” at an even bigger picture.  I’d like to share with you what two companies,  Paul Mitchell ® and Kenra ™ are specifically doing to assist Stylists everywhere in meeting that ultimate goal.

Chrysalis is a Non-for profit organization supported by the Paul Mitchell Company that is trying to help homeless or low income women get jobs and restore their confidence. (see video link)

On that note Kenra has partnered with the Repunzel Project ® which is a NPO to help support cancer patients and prevent them from loosing their hair through Cold Cap Technology. Cold Cap Technology involves the use of special caps that are frozen to a very cold temperature and worn before, during, and after each chemotherapy treatment. The cooling of the hair follicles prevents chemotherapy toxins from reaching them, preserving the follicles and therefore preserving the patients hair. Frank Fronda, the scientist who invented the Penguin Cold Caps, indicates that Cold Cap Technology has a proven 90% effective rate for hair retention. It has been widely used in Europe the past 15 years with great success.

“When you look better, you feel better. And when you feel better, you heal better, ” says Nancy Marshall, co-founder of the Repunzel Project. “Keeping your hair while undergoing chemotherapy is not about vanity – It’s about identity, ” indicates Nancy. “Knowing she can keep her hair can help liberate a patient emotionally and physically from the ‘cancer patient’ label and improve self-image, dignity and morale – vital, yet often overlooked, elements of overall wellness.”

Salons everywhere, like mine, have participated in on going Events to raise Breast Cancer awareness and money to support clients when medical bills are not covered or they have a loss of income which can be overwhelming for them. In a new effort to help, salons everywhere are now using Cold Cap Technology to actually make a difference during the treatment and cure for those who survive. The human spirit after such an attack can be made stronger with much love and support helping the body to heal if God wills it with this advance in science.

Another look at how Kenra is changing the landscape is with their new Color line set to arrive in Salons this spring. Kenra color promises natural true-to-tone, “simply stunning” results for every hair color client served by a professional stylist. A complete hair color system, the new brand incorporates Balancing Complex 5, designed to ensure vibrant, long lasting color with outstanding gray coverage, deep color saturation and intense shine while improving the hair’s condition.

For me, all this is just another reason to love color and professional hair services/treatments..What artist doesn’t like a fresh canvas and a set of new paints? In our hands we are able to create beauty in this world that brings joy, happiness, & lot’s of smiles to an otherwise dark and dreary place. If you haven’t tried it yet I suggest you do.

Cosmoprof : Professional edition February 2012

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