‘Tis the Season to be Stylish…

Lilith Moon wearing a Gibson Roll

Holiday/Winter Trends Report 2011

 Copyright Sherry Miller – Ask a PHD (Professional Hair Dresser)

 Pull out that little black dress, red lipstick, & scarf! The Holiday’s are here. Whether attending a Merry Christmas Party or getting ready to ring in the New Year, it’s time to look your picture ready best.


Embellishments attached in the hair are the rage if you would like to add some warmth. Up Styles are the perfect canvas for Artisan flair, so be sure and visit your favorite stylist for a one of a kind creation. Custom designed flowers, ribbons, or lace can be easily attached in or onto twists, rolls, or braids for the ultimate finishing touches.



Beyonce Knowles wearing Tinsel Extensions

Tinsel is not just for the tree but can be placed in the hair for some ring, ring a ding, Bling Bling (as seen on Beyonce above). Hair Gems also top the list for that glistening look around lights or the flash of a camera.

 If you’re bold enough you may decide to put some colored hair extensions in. Frosty white, Rudolph Red, or Evergreen are popular for some added cheer.

 Make-up is natural with a bright lipstick or for an evening look the smoky eye is back.

 For Men, a little hair Tattoo can add to a dressier style or celebrate with a color or two for added volume, shine, & pizzazz!

 As we wrap up the end of this year and start a new, may the gift of Peace & Happiness rule your heart and mind. Wear that and no matter where you go you will stylishly shine.


You Tube: Lilith Moon

Google: Beyonce Knowles – Hair Tinsel Extensions







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