It’s Happy Hour at our Salon, Get the Keratin Shot!

The Keratin Shot

The Keratin Shot photo by Healthy Sexy Hair

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Copyright By Sherry Miller – Ask a PHD (Professional Hair Dresser)

I had to write about this new amazing service now being offered at my hair salon after having it performed on my own naturally curly locks. If you are a “curly girl” listen up “THIS SERVICE IS FOR YOU!!” The Keratin Shot is recommended for all hair types but as someone who has experienced first hand what it means to style & manage curls for over 40 years I am well versed in the woes of how to control them and what they need to maintain the best health. I can say this treatment is nothing short of a small miracle. It immediately smoothes, tames, equals porosity, and makes curls more consistent by changing the integrity of the hair through repair leaving behind incredible shine and a richer looking pigment. Hair left is soft to the touch instead of coarse or dry.

Here is how it works according to the Brand Healthy Sexy Hair. “The Keratin Shot repairs hair from the inside out by filling in ridges with Keratin Protein. It protects and locks in color helping to extend the life & vibrancy of your new hue and creates smooth, healthy, looking hair.”

The Keratin Shot can be used on virgin hair or professionally color treated. It is best used right after a color service or blow out set. Environmental stress or over processed hair is often dry, brittle, and frizzy looking but can be treated with the Keratin treatment and it will no longer be. The KT lasts up to 5 shampoos in the hair. It will not straighten or break hair bonds. The Keratin Shot is not recommended to be used at home but only in the salon by a trained, licensed professional. Like most high quality Keratin treatments it is a very concentrated product and if you use it incorrectly or over use it can result in over-proteinized hair causing breakage. It is recommended to wait 2 weeks before or after a Smoothing System to optimize the results of the Keratin Filler. A take home product that would be appropriate for home maintenance use and is recommended is Reinvent Top Coat by Healthy Sexy Hair.

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