Pedipaws & Paris

Trend Styles – Summer 2011
Copyright © 2011 By Sherry Miller –
Ask a PHD (Professional Hair Dresser)

Thank you Paris Hilton! You have paved the way for lady entrepreneur’s everywhere. Paris has shown the world that blonde, beautiful, rich, smart, savvy, and successful can coexist. To her credit using iPhones as a must have fashionable business tool, wearing braids over the age of 21, walking in stores with a large hand bag/tote carrying a small dog in it while balancing coffee in the opposite hand, hair extensions, not settling for just a Dog grooming Salon but taking your two dogs (Marilyn Monroe or Tinker bell) with you to the Vegas Hair Salon/Spa, and being seen on a shopping trip, or hotel vacation resort with pets.

Once upon a time it was considered taboo due to health laws/allergies to bring pets to people salons and the same with department stores. It was also socially unacceptable to take the risk of staining garments not purchased yet with coffee spots. Hotels/resorts/spas with your pets was a no-no, but I digress.. Wouldn’t we all like to be able to change the world like Paris can? Let’s face it, it’s in her Heiress blood to know how to make money on investments. Some might say it’s in the breeding. I admire the beauty & power this woman has to make whatever she does no matter how against the grain it is, eventually what the masses do. Amazing!! A good heiress must know the mind of her future investors and the market and Paris does.

Even in this tough economy an article in Forbes states baby boomers spend on dogs over themselves. According to APPA, In 2011 over 50.84 Billion was spent on Pets in America. Locally in Rochester, NY, Pawdicures, Pet Salons, and Pet daycares are cropping up to cater to more pet parents. The Hilton Heiress is not alone. Rusk & Conair family heirs have recently invested in pro pet grooming tools. John Paul Dejoria (known as co-owner of the Paul Mitchell Brand) has a Pet care line called John Paul Pet.


It’s Big business – money spent on pets every year in America , on dog grooming alone and there is expanding markets in dog hair color and take your pet with you resorts all around the globe. So if you love your pet thank Paris for making traveling with it just a little more fashionable.


Credits:, APPA – American Pet Products Association, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle Newspaper, Stylist Magazine,,

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