This Summer’s Hottest Trends..

Trend Styles – Summer 2011

Copyright © 2011 By Sherry Miller – Ask a PHD (Professional Hair Dresser)

This Summer’s Hottest Hair Trends..

I am bound to ruffle a few feathers with this months blog. Despite the recession clients are still flocking into the salons, changing the market, and yes, shopping. Money seems to be walking into the salons that offer these fly by night Bohemian trends & services.

Whether it’s Herring bone braids, feather hair extension pieces (rooster, peacock), coon tail, animal print hair extensions (giraffe leopard tiger), Hair Gems, tinsel, jewelry, colored mohawks, fauxhawks, hair tattoos, smash color, dip dye, ombré hair color, reverse ombré, chalking or a combination of any of the above, anything goes and only stops with the Stylist’s creativity.

Smash Ombre Dip Dye Hair Color Technique

Hair Designed By Sherry Miller February 2010

In many salons the forerunner trend was the Feather Extension’s. They were issued back in style (less the multi-purposing “roach clip”) recently by none other than classic rocker, Steven Tyler who first wore it during the 70-80’s at the height of drug culture. After Steven Tyler walked on American Idol with this trend dancers on Dancing with the Stars started to appear feathered. You would have thought he had recorded a new version of Yankee Doodle Dandy, as this act seemed to spark a wide spread feather marketing Revolution. This not so simpleton stuck it on his cap and called it the height of fashion. On NY runways, Brides with angelic white tail feathers could be seen next to their winged counterparts modeling honeymoon negligees at Victoria Secrets. The style became so popular by July that Bait & tackle shops everywhere ran in low supply when beauty suppliers simply ran out of rooster & peacock feathers to sell the Salons. This caused an increase in feather prices from $40 to nearly $60 for 2-5 feathers. Feather companies assured animal rights activists that no harm was done to collect the feathers as they fall off often and naturally.

I found my Salon clients heading in for a more upscale, conservative, and classic style approach. Smoothing Frizzy hair out with Brazilian Blowouts and opting for Multi-dimensional natural colors. Some preferred full fringe bangs like Nichole Kidman before her return to strawberry blonde spiraling curls. Other clients went without bangs just long layered designer cuts with warm natural browns like Kate (formerly Middleton) the Duchess of Cambridge, the Kardashians, or Angelina Jolie. Buttery blondes also topped the list as seen on Jennifer Aniston or Gwyneth Paltrow with sharp A line Bob style cuts and voluminous hair Extensions. Halle Berry type Pixie cuts was requested on shorter hair and Marisa Miller Beach Babe waves on mid-length or long. Permanent texture services remained preferred over the use of heat conicular or cone shaped ironing tools.

Some mix of the two could be seen with Marissa Tome’s Ombré color with a slightly disconnected wavy long layered bob (as seen in the Lincoln Lawyer) or on Stephanie Szostak (Dinner for Schmucks).

As we head towards fall more intense radiant reds and haloing gold rush blondes will return just to keep pace with the intensity level of this summers heat wave!

Source credit: ABC News articles reference’s 6/3/11 & 7/27/11

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