Catch the Wave ~ Beachy Babe Hair!

Trend Styles – Beachy Wavy Hair

Copyright © 1996-2011 By Sherry Miller – Ask a PHD (Professional Hair Dresser)

Beachy & Brazilian or Body Wave
Blonde, red, brunette

Model Marisa Miller

Classic Beachy Babe Hair

August Blog 2011

It’s hard enough just working out to be beach worthy in your swimsuit so why not let your Stylist do the work on your hair? This months blog is for those that want to get that classic California “Beachy Babe Wave Look” Farrah Fawcett made extremely popular back in the 1970’s and has come back recently best fashioned by Marisa Miller. If you have not taken the time already to use Paul Mitchell’s Sea Spray in-between sun & surf than read on, oh, read on anyway..
FYI Non- professional over the counter Sea salt sprays can actually take color and texture treatments out of the hair so unless you have virgin hair color and have a natural wave of your own proceed with caution. If you are not sure how any product will effect your color or texture please talk to your stylist before you buy it. I usually recommend No Salt and No Parabens for my clients and I am currently using AG’s Liquid effects and Cocktailing it with either Crack Hair Fix Creme or Brazilian Blowout’s Serum to obtain a Frizz Free Beachy wavy look tailoring and adjusting the formula mix based on the amount of curl or texture each individual client has. On days my client is not shampooing I have them wet it down & restyle it with AG’s Curltrigger then “scrunch” it dry.

If you do not already have a natural wave your local salon should carry a peroxide free perm or body wave. This is an essential first step because the use of any styling product alone will not be able to give it to you. Your stylist should follow with styling tips, appropriate retail products compatible with your hair type, and show you how to recreate your look at home.

After you’ve got your wave on an equally important part of pulling this look off is ombré hair color or sun-kissed highlights. As a professional colorist, I do not use bleach but a mix of organic lightener made from Seaweed, minerals, and protein enzymes.
I use either an American or French Balayage technique to apply it. The difference between the two is to foil or not to foil both are free-hand one of a kind artistry.  I follow with an in-salon Biominal treatment meant to restore the pH balance of the hair and/or add DuraGloss to lock it in made by the John Amico Brand.  If your hair is already platinum blonde it may require some no-ammonia lowlights underneath to add depth and create a more natural sand cast look.

Most importantly always use a thermal protectant spray while in the sun or any heat. It controls frizz, flyaways, and adds UV/UVA protection for both scalp & hair.

If swimming saturate your hair with water first, apply a leave in conditioner or mask (like Brazilian Blowout) and then go in water. When hair is at saturation level it can not soak up as much chemical/salt water as if it’s sponge dry. Add a protective barrier and keep out
other environmental woes that extract hydration from both hair & scalp.

Ok, now that we know what to do it’s time to hit the beach or a local salon and enjoy!

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