The Eyes Have It!

Beauty Tips Series – How Dress those Beautiful Eyes.

Copyright © 2011 By Sherry Miller – Ask a PHD (Professional Hair Dresser)

The Eyes Have It!


"Sherry Miller's 2 minute Salon Tips"

Photo Credit Sherry Miller

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” A phase first coined in 1878 in a novel called Molly Bawn by Margaret Wolfe Hungerford. Mrs. Hungerford was an Irish novelist whose books were mostly published under her pen name “The Dutchess”. This phrase leads me to our blog topic this month on how to have beautiful eyes.

One of the first things most people see when meeting another person is your eyes. Like a window to ones soul a lot of first judgments can be made upon first glance. So let’s talk about how one should dress this window.

These days at the salon we enhance the natural beauty of eyes with professional make-up,  eyelash extensions, and semi permanent mascara for starters. We also offer non-drug therapies or chemical alternatives like eye lash treatments that can add strength to fine or weak natural lashes using organic Bamboo, mineral mascara, laser light therapy, or other protein based formulas to increase the thickness, length, & rate of growth on natural lashes. Natural lashes can be dyed, permed, or temporarily curled.

Eyelash pulling can be cured just like nail biting. Salons are able to give you instantly beautiful sculpted or acrylic nails and we can offer a set of lashes. Cancer patients who have lost eyebrows & lashes no longer need to go without thanks to Salon professional companies like Nu-brow and Grace Alberts Aesthic’s (formerly known as Adriel International).

Eyelashes can be given a protective coating first in the Salon so they can grow to full length, strengthen, & thicken natural lashes and not fall out mid cycle or be thin & weak. After that if more thickness or length is desired Novalash eyelash extensions can give them immediate results. Visit to find a certified eyelash extentionist near you.

Not only are eyelash extensions a time saver for busy women that want to look their best all the time without a daily application of mascara but it supports a new “Fresh Faced” lighter and less is best trend we are seeing today as opposed to Gothic or a heavy, dark, unnatural caked on look.

*Resource: Wikipedia; Molly Bawn

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