Emily’s New Hair Cut for Spring Break!

My client Emily had been hitting the books at college pretty hard her senior year…so much so, when she finally looked up her style grew out! Time for a change. Now that school is out she decided it was time to look like a grown up instead of a student for her job after she graduates. Check out her transformation hair cut!

Emily Before

She was in need of a new look & a fresh start!

Bob cut

Emily’s After side view


Emily is one happy Graduate!

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3 Generations & A Mother’s Day Tribute


Jill, Leanna, & Nancy

Our salon turns 20 years old this July. One of the busiest weeks we have is the one before Mother’s Day. Mom’s come in to relax, unwind, and get pampered before a well deserved Sunday celebration in which their children honor them.

This year as I looked around at what I call my salon family… I realized how much they had grown over the years with each new life brought here and how my salon continues to grow. Generationally, in fact. Many little girls that came with their Moms, Grandmas and Aunts were now College graduates, Brides, Moms to be, or Mother’s themselves now.

I’ve watched these young ladies grow before my eyes sharing many treasured moments with them along the way. From first haircuts and colors to dates, proms, and weddings. Each year blossoming like a Spring flower more beautiful than the year before.

I asked some of them to share what they liked best about coming to my salon with each other and a brief description of their experience here. This was their responses.

“Friendship with professionalism
->PERFECT MIX! Customers first!
Time & care taken with all aspects of hair care & styling. Always with a smile and bright attitude. Makes me feel good about myself. Love to come to the salon desperate and leave on Cloud Nine!”

“I love how you restore confidence in my Mom and Grandma. You make them feel beautiful!”

“I started going to Sherry because she does a beautiful job on my daughters hair. I used to do my own because I was never satisfied. Sherry is the only hairdresser that I have ever returned to more than twice. Thanks Sherry!”


Megan, Sue, & Laurie

Without these women I would not have the salon business that I have. I am so thankful to each and every one of them. You see we’re not just a salon but a salon family.

It is with great honor that I say…Happy Mother’s Day Ladies!

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Pam’s Miracle

A client hair story by Sherry Miller 

What a miracle! Back in January one of my clients brought me this young miss from Marion, NY. They traveled 1 hour west to get here. I am so thankful she chose my salon to begin a new hair journey and transform.

Pam had botched colors in her hair from going to other salons that were closer to her small town. She showed me her dream hair picture and asked if I could help her attain the look she wanted. I knew color correction of this proportion would take no less than 6 hours and it was already 7pm on a Friday evening. During the first 3 hours I was able to get rid of the ugly red & discolorations. Then I conditioned and prep for the next steps.

Fortunately, she was staying over night nearby with a friend. Since I already had a fully booked Saturday I decided to use my salon owner powers to open up early the next morning and finish the look for Pam before my first pre-scheduled appointment.

As you can see from the pictures I successfully nailed it! When Pam got home she proudly posted a picture of her miracle hair from her iPhone to show all her friends and family on Facebook…this time she was wearing it.

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Hair Trends Now! 

Color&Style  by Sherry Miller

The Short Ombre

After, Leanna’s back view head shot made our front cover. To view her hair color transformation scroll to the end of this blog or visit our web site at Sherry Miller’s Salon to see her hair journey. 

It’s a new year. Do you find yourself combing through Pinterest looking for the latest hair color, cut, & styles? If so, welcome to humanity 2016. 

Why are we so driven to transform our looks, hair, & image? Well, one theory is first impressions are everything. We all like to put our best foot forward when it comes to meeting new people or climbing the social ladder of success. In the professional world your hairstyle can make you or break you.  

short hair ombre

A rising new Star!

 Though policies on what hairstyles are acceptable in the workplace have loosened, hair can still signify certain levels of professional. says Midge Wilson, PhD, Professor at DePaul University. 

Another motivation for a new look is for those who hope to forge a fresh start. So what better time than the beginning of a New Year, new job, or new relationship? It says your ready for a major life change or to transition. If you plan on going shorter or bolder with your color this exhibits confidence. All too often some stay safe by using their hair as a blanket to hide behind. A new cut or style breaks you free & pushes you front and center…It will get you noticed! 


Before color & cut

Before front view

side view

Before side view


back view

Before back view

The best part about a new look is it reveals more about who you are & the people around you. You can inspire others or help them by making a change. Not only do you feel better when you encourage others but the world is a little brighter when you encourage yourself. 

Here’s to a bright new you…trending now! Are you ready? Get inspired. Let us help you. 

hair by Sherry Miller

After a lovely headshot

Leanna is ready to graduate college and land an amazing career!

short ombre by Sherry Miller

After side view


hair color by Sherry Miller

After back view

And we end with a new beginning… 


Ready to go! #NewYear #NewLook #NewLife #2016 

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How Colorists Build Better Bonds with Olaplex

Blog article 9/5/15 -by Sherry Miller

“Colorists can take people several shades lighter without the usual risk of breakage.”
~ Allure Magazine October 2014

Photo Credit: Sherry Miller 


How Colorists Build Better Bonds with Olaplex

Almost one year after this announcement came across major media channels salon clients and even some professionals are still not sure of what Olaplex is, how it works, why we need it, what’s the difference between the three formulas, and where to get it. 

To bring you up to speed…it is not a conditioner, it is a bond builder. There are no silicones or “Ydes” in this organic compound. A bond builder is a reset button for hair that will bring it back to it’s healthiest state or can be used as a pre-treatment to prevent it from being damaged in the first place.  

When I think of Bond, I naturally think James Bond. 007 will give you a fast fix for your head but I digress… your hair needs a licensed colorist sporting No. 1, 2, & 3 by Olaplex. Molecular forms of bonding are similar in that they involve some “playing & pairing” but it’s more of the scientific kind. Here is how it works. Scientists discovered a new set of molecules that creates a buffer between your hair and the chemicals that harm it during a permanent-color processing or perm. When peroxide breaks down the door and enters the hair shaft to lighten your natural pigments and make room for the color you want, it also splices apart disulfide bonds that make hair strong and resilient. These once connected pairs are uncoupled and turn into single sulfur-hydrogen bonds. Are ya still with me? Good. If one oxygen molecule created by the peroxide reaction hooks up with one of these singletons, no harm occurs. However, approximately 50% of the time…it’s killed. Oxygen molecules move in packs of three’s, and when these minuscule predators attach to the vulnerable sulfur-hydrogen, they trigger a reaction that eats protein out of the hair, leaving it dried and fried.

Olaplex eliminates that reaction. In the little bottles of liquid your colorist adds to two steps of your regular re-pigmenting process is one AMAZING ingredient – a chain of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur with two reactive ends that love sulfur-hydrogen bonds. When it is mixed into the hair color, it couples with them faster than oxygen can, creating a new bond that is actually stronger than the originial disulfide ones. The health of the hair is maintained, and the oxygen simply dissipates because it has no one to play with. 

Why do we need it? Bonds get broken inside and outside the salon. Inside the salon as noted it is used by professional colorists to create Balayage, High lift Color or Highlights in the salon without damage. An experienced colorist may use it during a corrective color on a new client. Outside the salon harsh chemicals, environment, or heating tools used at high temperatures can break new bonds. At that point an in salon pre-treatment at the next color or hair service appointment can repair them. No. 3 is recommended to be used at home once a week by the client to maintain strength in-between chemical services it consists of 12.8% Olaplex in creme solution. No. 1 is a bond multiplier and is 100% Olaplex concentrate, No. 2 is a bond perfector with 15% Olaplex in creme form, they are used in conjuction by your colorist for flawless results. Adminstered properly and used as directed by both colorist and client Olaplex can equal out the porosity of hair, cure frizz, bring life back to curls, and keep pure pigments in longer. 

Olaplex is not just for color clients. Permed hair, chemically straightened/smoothed by keratin treatments, or clients with real hair extensions can benefit from this pre-treatment and take home product. No. 3 can be used on the hair 10-30 minutes prior to shampooing and conditioning the hair, left in over night and then shampoo & condition, or add just a few drops in the bottom of your palm and scrunch into the hair after it is dry and styled. Applying heat while Olaplex is on the hair is not recommended. 

Where can I get it? Often times if you ask, your colorist may already be using it. With so many salons and independent colorists adding to their menu all across America & the rest of the world they may just not be listed yet. If not, please refer them to this blog for information and request it. If you do not have a colorist or salon and are interested in finding one that offers this service and carries Olaplex retail you may go to their web site at Olaplex.com and find a salon/colorist that does by plugging your zip code into the salon locator. 

If you live around the Rochester, Buffalo, or Batavia area please come make an appointment to visit my salon ->SherryMillersSalon.com. We offer it. Hope to see you at here.

To all our faithful readers…until we meet again on my next blog, may you have healthy hair and a happy coloring experiences! 

*Sources: Olaplex.com, Periscope – Inteview by Modern Salon, Allure Magazine 

*For more styling tips sign up or follow this blog, my web site at SherryMillersSalon.com .

Sherry Miller

Sherry Miller is the owner of Sherry Miller’s Golden Chair Salon. She is an accomplished Colorist, Stylist, and Educator. Follow her blogs written here or log on to her web site and social media.

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Put a little “Love” Into your Locks!

Share the Love!

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Photo Credit Sherry Miller, Sherry Miller’s Salon

In a recent article Jennifer Aniston, actress and now co-owner of a new salon professional hair line, talked about how she deep conditioned her hair when outside the salon at her home. She said that on the set her hair is often damaged from all the heat straightening. A fighter of frizz, Jenn combats it with a technique used I’d like to share with our readers today. Of course, I did modify it slightly for my own purposes.

Switching it up a bit as a professional hair stylist… I used our salons current favorite brand, AG Cosmetics. I put it to the test and it worked on my hair.

1. Shampoo and condition your hair.

I used a clarifying shampoo called Renew to get rid of product buildup and intensify my end results. However, if doing this treatment more than once a month I recommend using Sterling Silver. For conditioner use Recoil or Colour Savour.

2. Rinse well and towel dry.

3. Apply the hair primer to your hair from scalp to ends and work through.

BB Creme was used as a total benefit primer. A dime size is normally used but I saturated my hair with it. Then I let my hair just drink it right in. Having naturally curly hair the product disappeared into my locks pronto! According to AG;

“BB Cream is the go-to, multifunctional hair primer, filling, smoothing, moisturizing, and protecting hair against heat styling appliances and Colour fading with AG’s exclusive CARE Complex.”

This super-rich, silky priming Creme prepares and protects hair prior to styling, evening-out porosity and leaving hair feeling thicker and healthier.

4. Don’t rinse out the primer let it air-dry or leave in overnight with a plastic cap on.

5. In the morning, just rinse lightly.

6. Apply your favorite styling product.

7. Blow dry or blow out.

8. Finish with your favorite straightening iron, curling wand, or hot rollers for a good firm set.

That’s it! You will LOVE the way your hair feels and spring’s back. Healthier, shiner, and smoother than before.

*For more styling tips sign up or follow this blog, my web site at SherryMillersSalon.com .

Sherry Miller

Sherry Miller is the owner of Sherry Miller’s Golden Chair Salon. She is an accomplished Colorist, Stylist, and Educator. Follow her blogs written here or log on to her web site and social media.

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Why Clients Leave their “Hair Ties” behind at my Salon.

The Testimonial of Wendy Hein

I love my new style. I had a little bit of trouble styling it the first day but with a little bit of patience and practice I finally got it down. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get it colored. I can finally say with confidence that “I have my very own hair dresser”. I will never do “home” anything anymore to my hair.

As for my headband…honestly you can throw it out. I will never need that thing again!!!!

Thanks again.


When I first met Wendy her hair was breaking off. She had her hair permed by a family member who “used to be a hairdresser”..combined with over processed at home color she applied herself. She then went to a “professional” walk-in hair salon where they butchered her hair with a bad cut. In tears she called me at 5:15 pm, I normally close shop at 6pm and was with another client. That client having mercy said “go ahead, you can answer it if you have to.” So I did. She came in at 5:30 pm and I immediately used an in salon treatment to stop the breakage and begun to repair the damage. I corrected the botched hair cut, gave her a new style, and sent her home with product that would continue to help get her scalp and hair in condition so she can come back in later for corrective hair color. This was a big lesson in how to pick a hair stylist for her and she learned it the hard way. I have gotten my most loyal and best clients this way. I can’t wait to serve her and give her the look she deserves. Wendy is beautiful already and having healthy hair is important to her. She left with a huge smile on her face and told me she “loved it!” then later I contacted her because she left her hair accessory behind. Now I know why.

~Sherry Miller
Owner. Stylist. Hair Maven.
Golden Chair Salon


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Annual Scare Crow Fest


Sherry Miller’s Golden Chair Salon proudly particpated in Kendall’s Annual Community Scare Crow Fest for a third time this year. Through Hair Painting we were able to raise money and all donations went to benefit our local  Kendall, Hamlin, & Morton Fire Companies. All parents & children who participated under our tent received a free John Amico Shampoo to take home. Watch the video!

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Repair Your Damaged Hair ~ Professional End of Summer Solutions

If you would like some quick tips on how to treat your hair at the end of summer and get it back into shape watch this video. Master Stylist and Salon Owner Sherry Miller will leave you “Golden”!

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Out with the old Summer Hair, In with a New Brighter Style!


Sherry Miller

Master Hair Design Artist, Stylist, & Salon Owner


It’s the end of Summer and time to prepare for
“Back to School”!

In all our preparations the most important thing to
get ready for is that first day back, when pictures are taken and first impressions are made. So why not close the door on damaged dull, drab, or brassy
end of summer hair and open a new door to a fresh start? The time is now to get on board with a bright new exciting color, cut, and style after repairing the

Summer locks are often exposed to oxidation or over processed by pool chemicals, hard water, and sun.

According to Tom Porter, founder and President of  Malibu C’s, he states that depending on your location your water may have up to three times the added chlorine during the summer months to ward off extra bacteria. Copper is also added to control algae in reservoirs. This year the drought in the Midwest will cause a host of hair color problems that will send droves into the salons to be fixed and corrected.  When there’s little
rainfall passing through groundwater, the percentage of minerals in the water is
higher. So we are about to experience some of the biggest challenges to color,
to bleach, to straighteners and to perms in August, September and October
because those minerals are going to stay in the hair and continue to

In addition to a Malibu Clarifying Treatment (prior to cut or
color) which will rid your hair and scalp of build-up, film, or residue you may
want to amp things up and consider a Deep penetrating in-salon Keratin
Conditioning treatment. Choosing a KCT in leu of the regular conditioning post
treatment will add strength and fill in any potholes left in the hair. Currently
some of the best offered is the Keratin Shot by Healthy, Sexy, Hair which is
plant based and Paul Mitchell’ s Awapuhi White Ginger which uses animal. The PM
company recently purchased a sheep farm and shears them to provide the needed
keratin to be used. It makes for happy sheep in the heat without the extra heavy
coat and we get to benefit from it too, a win, win. Right now labs are
developing even more advanced ones with human keratin made from cut hair.

After you have repaired your summer hair and have a shiny new color be
sure and follow with a great Protein Hairspray like John Amico’s BioSilk. A
professional hair spray with low alcohol content will not to strip hair color or
smoothing treatment services off early.  Instead it will be gentle and add
strength to keep your style in place all day without being stiff or sticky.

Another great way to save your hair this season, time, and money is to
purchase liter’s on sale at your local salon this time of year. Stock up now on
the basics like shampoo and conditioner then you can have more money to purchase
new take home tools as the come out to recreate your style.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me directly or post them.
Until my next blog..I hope to see you at the Salon!

Master Hair Design Artist & Stylist,
Sherry Miller, MBA
Personal. Private. Professional.

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